hans nehoda

Dr. Hans Nehoda

Many years of professional experience as personnel manager, scientific research in the field of personnel development and leadership concepts ("ethics for executives")

Since 2002 manager of national and international projects in the health care sector with a focus on network development, financing, strategy consulting, coaching, scientific support and evaluation

Specialized consultant with interdisciplinary concept approach

Management and scientific support of funded projects

Financing of innovative projects

Implementation management

Human risk management

Professional and personal focus

  • Potential analyses (certified assessor)
  • Organizational analyses (certified in various federal states)
  • Accompanying research and evaluation (in cooperation with Humboldt-Universit√§t)
  • Moderation of projects
  • Financing of health care projects
  • Conceptualization of healthcare projects
  • Evaluation of projects in the health care sector (going beyond a business management view)